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esde.g. grammar, thesaurus, quotations, maps, movies & more

Online English Grammar from Edufind

  • comprehensive english grammar reference
  • easy to look up
  • good explanations & examples

Rhyme Zone - Rhyming Dictionary

  • get a list of words that rhyme
  • synonyms
  • definitions

Wordles Word Search

  • fun with words for yrs 1 - 6

Bartlett's Familiar Quotations

  • search or browse quotations
  • quotes from over 470 authors

Daily Almanac

  • information in English for today or events in past on this date

G.Morgan's Abbreviation Dictionary

  • easy to use
  • you need Adobe acrobat reader

Internet Acronym Server

  • search for an acronym
  • search for word to see which acronyms it's used in
  • submit an acronym
  • search movie history
  • new dvds
  • actors and celebrities
  • directors


  • Search for anywhere
  • Get directions from one place to another
  • Check distances
  • View as map, satellite or hybrid

World Wide Words

  • Michael Quinion investigates international English from British viewpoint
  • history of 100s of English words & phrases
  • browse or search

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