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The following extract was written a very long time ago and yet we still have the same problem:

'As the initial euphoria of moving into the electronic neighborhood wears off, I see that I am left with a familiar problem, now magnified a millionfold. Namely, how to decide what to read and what to ignore. The ability to make discriminations, to hone one's powers of discernment, is perhaps what is at the heart of all education. Will the computer revolution make even clearer what sages have known for millennia, that the beginning of wisdom is in the ability to make fine judgments? Perhaps. But for now, while I'm ready to sign the lease on my electronic cottage, I also plan to keep a room to myself where I can bake bread, paint pictures, listen to nothing but my own humming, and remain blissfully unconnected. '

Extract from 'E-mail, E-texts, E-gads!' by Anne A. Oplinger (University of Virginia Alumni News, 1994 Vol 82/2)


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