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Writing Activities

Teaching English - British Council & BBC

  • all levels
  • writing activities

ESL - About writing in English

  • beginners
  • intermediate
  • advanced
  • short writing assignments
  • business writing
  • writing lesson plans

Study Skills Online

from the University of Canberra

  • upper intermediate

  • advanced

  • Analytical thinking
  • Answering the question

  • Acknowledging sources

  • Annotated bibliography

  • Conclusions

  • Critical Thinking

  • Essays & reports

  • Grammar points

  • Literature review

  • Note-taking in lectures

  • Note-taking from texts

  • Plagiarism  & more....

Study Skills from Uni Learning

University of Wollongong

  • intermediate

  • advanced

  • Effective writing

  • Academic writing

  • Writing sentences

  • Essay writing

  • Report Writing

  • Reading

  • Note-taking

  • Critical thinking

Writing argumentative essays

by Bill Daly


  • intermediate

  • advanced

prepared by Bill Daly while working at the Victoria University of Technology, Australia

  • a course that aims to teach students how to write a short argumentative essay (approx 1,000 words)

  • extremely useful sections which include help in all areas: content, organisation, language

Advice on Academic Writing from the University of Toronto

  • advanced
  • General advice on academic essays

  • Reading & using sources

  • Specific Types of Writing

  • Style and Editing

  • Grammar & Punctuation

Using the Computer to improve your writing - from the University of Toronto

  • intermediate

  • advanced

  • practical tips on how to use your computer as a tool to help text editing and style

Writing Guides

from the University of Kansas

  • intermediate
  • advanced


for students - The KU Writing Guide

  • academic essays

  • how to avoid plagiarism

  • help with grammar & much more

for instructors

  • writing in your classes

  • supporting student writers

resources on the web

  • citing online sources

  • evaluating web sites

  • researching on the web

Online Writing Lab at Purdue University

  • intermediate
  • advanced
  • writing help 
  • research
  • documenting sources
  • grammar, spelling, punctuation etc

Paraphrase & Summary - University of Toronto

  • advanced
  • when to paraphrase & when to summarise

  • how to paraphrase

  • how to summarise

Using Quotations - University of Toronto

  • advanced
  • how much to quote

  • how to introduce a short quote etc.

Research and Documentation -Bedford, St Martin's

  • advanced

excellent resource - the documentation guidelines include both intext citation examples as well as how to cite sources in the References

  • Humanities: finding sources, documenting sources

  • Social Sciences: finding sources, documenting sources

  • History: finding sources, documenting sources

  • Sciences: finding sources, documenting sources

References from Electronic Sources

  • upper intermediate

  • advanced

  • hosted by the American Psychological Association

  • information on all forms of electronic referencing

MHRA Style Guide

  • advanced
  • free download of the Modern Humanities Research Association Style Guide

Paradigm Online Writing Assistant

  • intermediate
  • advanced
  • ideas, organising, revising, editing
  • documenting sources
  • informal essays
  • thesis support essays
  • argumentative essays
  • exploratory essays
  • chatroom too

The Elements of Style
William Strunk Jr

  • advanced
  • designed for native speakers of English studying English literature
  • principles of composition
  • rules of usage
  • American English

Writing Centre Handouts

from University of Columbia

  • intermediate

  • advanced


designed for native speakers but very useful for ESL students too

  • style

  • summary writing

  • critiques

  • avoiding plagiarism

Writing at the University of Toronto

  • intermediate

  • advanced

  • very useful guides

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