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Text to Speech
  • reviews and downloads
  • review and download

Acrobat Reader

  • free software that lets you view and print .pdf files
  • Information given on various Adobe products.
  • click on the free download button and follow the instructions.

Adobe Flash Player

  • some impressive programs created using Flash e.g. ESL Radio from Monash University
  1. Read the instructions on the site
  2. Click download
  3. Follow the instructions.

VoyCabulary Web Tool

  • especially good for understanding medical texts
  • powerful free web tool to convert any text into links.
  • You can cut and paste, or type in a url to feed a whole website through the tool.
  • You can then click on any word and the tool will look up your word immediately.
  • The lookup opens in a new web browser so you can close it as soon as you've finished looking up your word.
  • It links to online dictionaries (including Websters with sound, medical and law dictionaries).
  • excellent for difficult or technical texts
  • excellent for ESOL students
  1. You do not need to download this.
  2. Click on the icon or text.
  3. Try it out.Type a url in the text box and click on process.
  4. Type some words into the text box and check it out.
  5. If you find it useful, bookmark it and use it whenever you have a text that is difficult to understand.
  6. VoyCabulary web tool can be kept on bottom toolbar


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